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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones regulate all physiological functions, are compulsory for good health, promote a robust metabolism, aid in cellular regeneration and, perhaps most importantly, ensure a feeling of overall wellbeing. We feel at our best when our hormonal system is in proper equilibrium. However, with age, illness or stress, the balance of hormone production is often disturbed. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a methodology that physically measures the hormone mixture at various times during the day, and then prescribes a corrective and revitalizing regimen.

Is this the same as Hormone Replacement therapy?

HRT primarily addresses hormonal deficiencies, whereas Bio-Identical HRT goes the additional step, replacing hormones where deficiencies exist, but also suppressing excessive hormones where needed. Bio-Identical HRT evaluates the complete hormonal map of the individual, and focuses on the need for hormonal balance.

What is the procedure?

After consultation with a specialist physician, tests are made to ascertain baseline levels of the hormonal map and the metabolic rate. These tests are based on samples of saliva, blood and urine taken over a 24 hour period. After laboratory analysis, the results are then used to determine the precise and personally tailored regimen of hormone replacement. The products used are a mix of extremely high quality, synthetic and bio-engineered human-identical hormones.

How is the regimen administered?

It is typically a mix of pills that can be taken orally, and/or gels and patches.

How quickly are the positive effects of the treatment felt?

Normally it takes around 8 weeks for the full benefits to take effect, after which patients report feeling less tired, more alert and more energetic. Moreover, their appearance and stamina improve as their metabolic rate increases.

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