Unsightly veins treatments

Red and blue thread (spider) veins and unsightly varicose veins all can be targetted with specific for type of veins treatments

Sclerotherapy for blue and red visible veins

Red and blue thread (spider) veins and unsigghtly varicose veins all can be targetted with specific for type of veins treatments

Eliminating Unsightly Veins

Sclerotherapy is the use of a harmless solution that is injected under the skin to treat problematic Thread Veins and Spider Veins.  The following before and after photo illustrates the results that can be had with this treatment:

How does it work?

A small amount of Phenol or sclerosant solution is injected into target vessels using a micro-needle. This causes contractions and eventual collapse of the blood vessel wall, thus preventing the blood from re-entering the vessel. Results should be visible in 4-6 weeks

Who can have this treatment?

Thread and Spider Veins is often hereditary and can be suffered by both men and women although it is more common in women, often as a result of pregnancy or hormonal issues.

Those currently pregnant or lactating are unable to have Sclerotherapy as well as those who have previously suffered with phlebitis, DVT or any other circulatory issues.

Are there any adverse reactions or side effects?

You may experience slight bruising or swelling in the treated area which should have subsided in two weeks. In the rare case that it takes bruising/swelling persists then further medical help must be sought.

In certain skin types there is a small chance that Sclerotherapy will cause pigmentation problems.

Is there any aftercare I should be aware of?

It is advisable to wear compression bandages or stockings for 72 hours after treatment which should then be worn for a further 2 weeks during the day time only. Results and healing time will be helped by the use of creams containing vitamin K, which actively decrease bruising and reduces pigmentation after the treatment.

If swelling after treatment is particularly uncomfortable an Icepack can be applied to help reduce.

Will these Thread/Spider Veins reappear?

Unfortunately, Sclerotherapy is not a preventative treatment and therefore there is always a possibility that new veins will appear in the area. Good diet and regular exercise is recommended in the prevention of these veins and a combination of Laser or IPL will greatly reduce.

Thermovein red thread veins elimination

ThermaVein® thermocoagulation is designed to treat red veins; thread veins; red spots and spider naevus. The principle is based on the action of a high frequency wave producing a thermal lesion and thus sealing the vein.

Surgical removal of varicose veins

Stubborn to sclerotherapy unsightly turtuous and dilated veins can be surgically removed (stripped out). Spare deeper lying healthy veins open up and take over the function of the eliminated veins. Patient must wear compression stockings for 2 weeks after surgery.