Face lift

Ageing affects various tissues of face and neck. This causes laxity, sun damage and thinning of skin, redistribution of subdermal fat, musles become lax and stretched and even facial skeletal bones change over time.

Depending on degree of tissues ageing various operative facial lifting procedures can be offered.

Mini face lift

Low-Impact Thread Lift

The mini facelift is a popular procedure significantly reduces signs of aging in the face by tightening skin in the mid-face, jawline, and upper neck.  Also known as a minimally invasive or thread lift, it is quite effective for people with moderate sagging of the skin and jowls.

It works by inserting medical-grade threads just under the skin, and using these to gently lift the cheeks and jowls.  This approach can also be applied to the neck.  The result firms up facial contours, and gives the jawline a crisper, more youthful silhouette.

The treatment takes place under local anaesthetic, and involves creating small incisions at the hairline and at the ears. Skin at the cheek area is loosened with a special instrument, allowing it to slide upwards. It is then stitched in position under tension. The small incisions are closed with a few stitches hidden by the hair.  To achieve the best results, the patient keeps a pressure dressing on the area for 2 weeks.

Before and after Mini Facelift

Before and after Vaser Lipo and Facelift

Before and after Mini Facelift

SMAS lift

The superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) is often described as an organized fibrous network composed of the muscle and covering it fascia (gristle sheet) on face and neck.

Via incisions around ears SMAS can be elevated and folded or its excess trimmed off improving contours of midface and lower third of face and neck.

Deep plane facelift

A technically more challenging deep plane face lift involves dissection below SMAS layer mobilising  facial retaining ligaments and lifting soft tissues in a single block and giving a more sustainable and natural rejuvenating effect for mid and lower face and neck.