Vaser Lipo Before and After Photos

Vaser liposuction is a low-impact cosmetic procedure that can be used to aesthetically improve the silhouette of every part of the body. This page illustrates representative before-and-after photos of body sculpting lipo procedures performed in our clinic.

Vaser for the Neck and Lower Face

The first example illustrates how Vaser lipo can be used to remove fat from the neck.  The result is a crisper, better defined jawline.  This rejuvenates the patient’s face, and is much more attractive.

Vaser for the Thighs

The second example shows that prior to liposuction were rubbing together at the inner surfaces.  After the procedure, the thighs are thinner all around including the exterior surfaces (saddle bags).

High-Def Vaser on the Abdomen

The next case shows how Vaser can be used to achieve high definition of the abdomen, bringing out nicely the patient’s six-pack.

Vaser for the Arms

The following example, shows the before and after photos when lipo surgery is applied to the upper arms.

Vaser for the Upper Flanks (Banana Folds)

When Vaser is used on the upper flanks, folds of fat under the bra line can be reduced, yielding a more scuplted silhouette for this patient.

Vaser for the Lower Flanks (Love Handles)

The lower flanks can also be treated, as can be seen in the following example.