Eye Lift (periorbital rejuvenation)

The eyes are what we regard the most in others, and because of this, they play a central role in facial beauty.  Poetically called the Windows of the Soul, others focus on our eyes more than at any other part of the face.  Sagging eyelids, hollows below the eyes, and eye bags are some of the common signs of ageing.  Cosmetic surgery for the eyes is one of the most effective means of producing a younger, fresher look.

As the body ages, skin loses elasticity, and fatty pads shift.  This gives rise to sagging in the eyelids and below the eyes.  It also results in fat pads that normally plump the skin below the eye, slipping downwards and gathering into eye bags.  Cosmetic treatment for these problems includes a variety of techniques, depending on the needs of the patient.  These include:

  • The lifting of skin above the brow to reduce eyelid hooding
  • The removal of excess skin and fat where needed for eye bag removal
  • The treatment of the skin around the eyes to improve its thickness and elasticity

The use of fillers to reduce hollows


Involves excess skin and lax muscle trimming off and either removing herniated periorbital fat or redistributing it to prevent baggy appearance.

Both upper and lower eyelid can be targetted.

Eyebrow lift

Saggy eyebrows can be lifted with special threads. Endoscopic eyebrow lift entails using a camera inserted via small holes and weakening muscles dragging down the brows, so opposing lifting muslcles can elevate the brows. Occasionally eyebrows can be lifted directly with removing excess skin or during the forehead lift.


This designed to lift and suspend saggy corners of eyes and lax ligaments of the eyelid (when the eyelid is not firmly pressed against the eyeball). Normally its done during blepharoplasty.

‘Fox eyes’ treatment

Some patients request slunting eyes. For that a combination of canthopexy and lateral eyebrow elevation is used.

‘Double eyelid’ surgery

Fashionable amonst Oriental patients the surgery entails creating an upper eyelid crease by a special suture to fold the eyelid tissues.