Dermatological consultations

We offer range of dermatological consultations including moles check and treatment of common dermatological problems.


Acne vulgaris (pimples, spots), characterised by a mixed eruption of inflammatory and non-inflammatory skin lesions affecting the pilosebaceous unit, ie the hair follicle and its associated oil gland. Metabolic and hormonal disbalance, impared function of skin oily glands and colonication of skin by bacteria all play role in development of the condition.. Acne can be presented as: comedo, papules, pustules, nodules and pseudocysts. It sometimes leaves patietns with scars and pigmented marks. It is most common in teenagers but adults and children are sometimes affected. Face, chest and back are the favourite sites.

Treatment of acne

Includes reducing excessive skin oil production and unclogging oily glands. For that various topical gels, creams and washes are prescribed. Antibiotics used to reduce inflammation and supress bacterial overgrowth. Female patients might be prescribed combined contraception pills to override hormonal disbalance. Both male and female patients will be advised on correction of metabolism by balanced diet lower in sugar and fatty food. Systmetic retinoids used to control inflammation and pilosebaceous proliferation. UV (phototherapy) light or Laser can be used for some patients.