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Gynecomastia Surgery

Male Breast Reduction (Gland and Fat Removal)

Sometimes men develop excess fat or breast tissue on their chests.  This condition, called gynecomastia, can cause distress and embarrassment. Fortunately, under most circumstances, quite good results for breast reduction in men is possible, and at a cost that is affordable for most people.

The following is a general Q&A about how the gynecomastia surgery procedure is performed in our clinic.  Some illustrative before and after photos of male breast surgery performed on patients from our clinic are shown below.  For other questions you may have, do get in touch with us at our London UK clinic, using our contact form to the right, or by calling on .


What are the causes of gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia causes can be related to disorders of the endocrine system, the side effects of certain drugs, or can be of congenital origin.

Is there a cure for gynecomastia?

Whatever the causes, treatment of gynecomastia is a process of male breast reduction achieved through a combination of fat removal, gland tissue reduction, and skin tightening.  Our clinic uses Vaser liposuction, an ultrasonic assisted fat removal technology that eliminates excess breast fat, and sculpts and tightens the chest skin and underlying muscle.  When necessary, excess gland tissue is excised by the surgeon, and skin tightening treatments are also applied.

The Gynecomastia Surgery Video

This video explains what patients can expect when undergoing surgery for gynecomastia. It includes a recap of how the diagnose is made, shows the surgical process, explains the different grades of gynecomsatia, and covers the techniques used to ensure a safe procedure with minimal scarring.


Watch How Gynecomastia Surgery is Performed

What should I expect after my procedure?

Gynecomastia surgery is a low-impact procedure normally using twilight sedation, which typically requires only a couple of hours for recovery.  The patient can return home after the surgery, and often resume normal activities after a few days.  Swelling after a gynecomastia treatment subsides after a few weeks, and after a few months, there is normally no noticeable scarring.

How much does treatment for gynecomastia cost?

We understand that the cost of surgery is an important factor for our patients, and may determine whether they can afford to have this procedure.  This is why we make every effort to offer the best price possible, taking into account the needs of the individual.  Naturally, as each patient has different degrees of gynecomastia severity, we perform an ultrasound scan that will give your surgeon a precise idea of the amount of fat and gland tissue that needs to be removed.  This also allows us to provide you with an accurate and best price offer for your procedure.  For mild cases of gynecomastia (for example, see Type 1 in the figure below), prices start at £4,500, but could rise to as much as £7,000 when the degree of gynecomastia is severe or requires the treatment and removal of excess skin (for example, see Type 7 in the figure below). 7kinds-gyno

Is a gynecomastia surgery painful?

Most patients undergo a gynecomastia treatment with little or no discomfort with only a local anaesthetic, or when needed, additional IV sedation can be offered for patients particularly sensitive to pain.

Surgery risks

As a medical procedure, breast reduction for men is quite safe.  Using only local anaesthetic or IV sedation, the risks associated with general anaesthesia are eliminated.  In addition, as only small incisions are made, the risk of infection is small, and in our clinic, each patient is automatically given a dose of antibiotics to take before leaving.  This combined with post-surgical follow-ups ensure that recovery is carefully monitored, and that risks are minimized.

Male breast surgery results from our clinic 

Over the last few years, our London clinic has performed several hundred procedures for breast reduction in men.  To get an idea of the effectiveness of Vaser liposuction treatment of gynecomastia, we present a wide variety of before and after photos of gynecomastia surgery patients from our clinic.  If you are interested in learning more about whether gynecomastia surgery is right for you feel free to get in touch using the contact form found at top of this page, or call us on .


Severe Gynecomastia Before Photo 

gynecomastia before surgery photo


Gynecomastia Photo After Surgery

gynecomastia after surgery photo


Gynecomastia Before Treatment



After Vaser Lipo



Gynecomastia Photo Before Treatment



Gynecomastia After Vaser Lipo



Mild Gynecomastia Before Photo

gynecomastia before treatment


Gynecomastia After Photo

gynecomastia after treatment


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