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Q&A: Mini-Facelift Procedure - Questions & Answers or FAQ's

Mini-Facelift Procedure

Q. Who is the mini-facelift suitable for?

A. The mini-facelift is suitable for men and women who are just starting to notice the first signs of ageing. Because of the short recuperation times, many patients choose this type of surgery over intensive facial surgery. Patients are usually in their 30s and 40s and have specific areas that they would like to enhance or detract attention from. Sagging eyelids, eye bags, dropping cheeks, jowls and neck areas are all common areas that are addressed. The mini-facelift is quick and effective and most patients can recover completely in a matter of days hence why this procedure is sometimes referred to as the “weekend facelift”.

Q. How does a mini-facelift differ from a full facelift?

A. A full facelift focuses on the entire face, lifting sagging skin and reducing wrinkles in all areas. The mini-facelift by contrast focuses on targeted areas and these will be discussed with you prior to the surgery taking place. A mini-facelift cannot improve entire areas such as the forehead whereas this would normally be achieved with traditional surgery. Your surgeon will go over the entire procedure and the types of facelifts with you so that you are happy with what is going to happen and know what to expect. Of course, recuperation times are also much quicker with the mini-facelift.

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