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Spring 2012 Cosmetic Dermatology Specials -- Get Ready for Summer!

Promotional prices to get your skin ready to look your best this summer from the Dr Alexandra Chambers Clinic

Wide choice of affordable rejuvenating treatments at a clinic in central London

Only Valid Through 30 April 2012

Glowing Skin for Summer 20121. Show off glowing, tighter skin.

Stimulate natural skin rejuvenation with collagen produced by your own body as result of our unique micro needling treatment (derma-roller) combined with our own naturally sourced products (Mediterranean chondrosia sponge collagen, hyaluron, oxygen and gold dust). In addition, for an ultimate result, your skin will be treated with a gentle glycolic peel. Total cost for four visits £350 (normally £515... you save £165).

2. Smooth out your wrinkles.

Eliminate those wrinkles with wrinkle minimising injections and Dermal fillers. Our packages offer you treatments of 2 areas with Botulinum toxin A (usual price is £250) combined with a Dermal filler (normally £350 per a syringe) for an introductory price of £350.

3. Get embarrassing sweating under control.

We offer treatment for hyperhidrosis for an affordable price of £400 (normally £550, you save £150).

4. Who needs surgery? Try our liquid face-lift.

Use our Liquid face-lift with collagen stimulating injections followed by an Nlite Skin renewal laser enhancement. Package cost: £450 instead of normal price of £700, you save £250.

5. Eliminate skin blemishes.

Try IPL and laser treatments with E-style and Nlite for spider-veins, wrinkles, scars, acne and hyper-pigmentation. Buy a course of 4 treatments for £600 for E-style (normally £800, you save £200) and 3 sessions of Nlite for £550 (normally £900, you save £350).

6. Get help for sun damaged skin.

Try treatments for hyper-pigmentation and skin lightening, and get specialist advice and products to protect you from sun damage. Offered at the special price of £350 (normally £515, you save £175).

7. Unsightly veins? No problem – we can help!

Combine injections for thread-veins with Nlite laser treatment to get your skin ready for the summer holidays. Our affordable introductory package is offered at £350 (normally £550, you save £200).

8. Get ready for the beach.

Smooth skin with IPL permanent hair reduction: a course of 6 treatments for bikini line for £330.

9. Try our treatment for acne and black heads.

Combined treatments for acne – gentle glycolic peel + ultrasonic cleansing + Nlite laser or E-style + a range of additional products. Buy a course of 3 treatments for £450 and save a total of £400!


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Meet our Staff

The Dr Alex Chambers Medical Practice is a warm and friendly, boutique clinic, specializing in personalized cosmetic surgery care.

Unlike most other clinics, we perform all our procedures in our own operating theatre.  This has the benefit of safeguarding patient privacy, and also significantly diminishes the risk of operative infection, endemic to high traffic hospital facilities.

We offer a full range of low-impact, cosmetic and anti-aging treatments. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach.