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Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty or "Nose Job"

nose-bump-exampleExample of nose surgery to remove bumpA nose with harmonious features is a key contributor to facial beauty.  The silhouette or profile of the nose, its width at its base or bridge, and the size and curvature of the tip are just a few of the features that can be remodeled to produce a significantly more attractive look.

Of all types of facial surgery, the rhinoplasty is the one that has the greatest impact on facial beauty.  It is also one of the most complex surgical procedures, but when performed with expertise, it results in a natural look that both enhances the aesthetic of the face, and also improves the nasal airway. 

Nose Job Cost 

The cost of a rhinoplasty is based on the complexity of the procedure.  This depends mainly on the amount of remodeling to be done, as well as the patient's medical history.  The price for nose surgery ranges from £3,800 to £7,500, with an average cost around £4,500 for most rhinoplasties,  As each patient is unique, a precise estimate requires a consultation with the surgeon.  To book a free consultation, please use the contact form found at the top right side of this page or call the telephone number at the very top of the page. 

The Rhinoplasty Surgery 

Nose surgery can last one to three hours. The procedure is normally carried out under general anaesthetic. There are two basic techniques: open rhinoplasty, involving an external cut along the midline partition of the nose, and closed rhinoplasty where all cuts are performed inside the nose.  The two techniques have pros and cons, and your surgeon will explain both of these techniques during your consultation.  The best approach will depend on the patient's objectives and nose type. 

nose-bridge-exampleRhinoplasty to reduce the width of the bridge of the nose

Nose Surgery Recovery and Down Time

The first stage of recovery is generally 7-10 days.  During this time the patient wears a splint, and there can be significant swelling and bruising around the eyes and nose. There is some pain, but it is relatively minor, and is well managed with mild pain medications.  The nose can feel blocked, and the mouth can seem dry (due to increased breathing through the mouth).  During this time, it is evident that the patient has undergone facial surgery, and some patients may want to avoid social interations.  

After your surgeon removes the splint, you will be able to wash your hair as normal, blow your nose, and any remaining discomfort settles quickly.  At this point, it becomes much less apparent that the patient has undergone surgery, however, it is worth noting that once the splint is removed that some swelling can persist for several weeks longer.  The total time for full recovery varies by patient.

Rhinoplasty Revisions

The nose is a focus point for the face, and as such small asymmetries and adjustments to shape can have important effects on aesthetics.  For this reason, procedure revisions are sometimes recommended, and during your consultation, your surgeon will explain the risks, and what types of revisions are included in the costs of your procedure.




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